Wipe the dried hellebore roots into powder. Prepare a dough with flour and water and pull it out into a long ribbon. The width of this tape should be such that it could be wrapped around the patient's throat. Then it is good to sprinkle a tape of dough with crushed powder from a medicinal herb and wrap it around the patient's neck so that the tonsils are certainly covered. Apply a bandage or cotton cloth on top. For children, the duration of this compress should not exceed half an hour, and adults can leave it on overnight. Repeat if necessary.

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augmentin pillsAt the same time, for small children, the duration of the compress is from half an hour to an hour, for large children - 2 - 3 hours, and adults can leave the compress for the whole night. Make a compress of soft dough, sprinkle it with chopped stalks of the herb, and line the neck with it. Repeat the procedure 1 - 2 times for half an hour. Taking into account that at this age there is an active growth and development of the child's body, this disease can have a number of negative consequences. Adenoids can lead to the development of chronic diseases that haunt a person for the rest of his life. Children who have adenoid growths may lag behind their peers.

The pharyngeal tonsil is one of the links of an important anatomical formation, the so-called Pirogov-Valdeyer lymphoid ring. This is a kind of barrier for bacterial infection to enter the body. The lymphoid tissue, of which the pharyngeal tonsil predominantly consists, prevents the penetration of pathogens during inhalation or ingestion.

The amygdala increases in size in proportion to the growth of the body in order to ensure its normal augmentin. However, the high level of bacterial contamination, the failure of the immune system in childhood leads to the fact that there is a compensatory increase in the number of immunocompetent cells, which cannot qualitatively provide protection against the invasion of infection.

Repeat treatment after 2 weeks if necessary.

Further progression of the growth process of the pharyngeal tonsil can lead to the development of a pathological condition. In this process, three stages are distinguished, which determine the course of the disease and the tactics of treatment. At the 1st stage, the overgrown amygdala closes only the upper part of the nasal passages, at the 2nd stage, most of the nasal passages are closed, at the 3rd stage there is already a complete closure of the nasal passages.
Home remedies for adenoids. Symptoms of hypertrophy of the pharyngeal tonsil and diagnosis of adenoids.
At the initial stage, when the symptoms of adenoids are just beginning to appear, nasal breathing becomes difficult, snoring occurs at night, and subsequently children begin to breathe exclusively through the mouth. The timbre of the voice may also change: become nasal, become very thin, unpleasant.
As a rule, discharge from the nose is observed, which can be mucous and purulent. Hearing impairment may occur. The general condition of the child is also violated: fatigue, tearfulness, disturbed sleep and appetite, pallor appear. Involuntary urination at night is also possible.
As the disease progresses, the symptoms of adenoids become more noticeable. If you find the described symptoms of adenoids in your child, it is advisable to consult a specialist as early as possible, in order to avoid complications in the future.